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Let's face it, I'm going to be useless on today's show after my incredible week off that first started in Portland, visiting Shawn, Michel, Hannamarie and seeing Bill (getting to meet Scotty!), Ian (and his lovely wife Darci) and 2nd Mom (and Mr. 2nd Mom), getting a new iPad (can you say BEAUTIFUL?!?), not to mention the incredible week of Springsteen shows I had, culminating in being elbows on stage at the center catwalk, front row with my favourite musician a mere 20 feet away (and closer at times) for LA Night 2.

Still can't get the stupid-assed grin off my face. ;-)

I haven't even thought of Website of the Week or looked at entries, so I'm picking my own - you can get a glimpse of what my view was through my friend Joanne's video that she shot of Springsteen and Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine and The Nightwatchman) singing The Ghost of Tom Joad. What Morello does with a guitar should really be illegal. LOL (I was dead center of Springsteen.)

My recap of my Springsteen week focusing on that incredible LA Night 2 show and experience is also below in case you're interested (photos included):

Still on a contact high. :-) See ya tonight!