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About two weeks ago one of our (Vancouver’s) local tv news stations was broadcasting the winning ticket from a hospital charity lottery – I believe the grand prize gave the winner the opportunity to choose between a $2.5 Million dollar house in a suburb of Vancouver called Langley, or a cash prize of approximately $1.7 Million. Well, it turns out that the winning ticket belonged to one of the sports anchors of that very same station. It was funny to watch and naturally it made its way onto YouTube, and ultimately here as a website of the week.

The really good thing about all this, is that Barry’s daughter was diagnosed with leukemia when she was about 4 and underwent a year of chemotherapy treatments, thankfully resulting in a successful recovery, so they always made it a point to support the hospital in any way they could, including buying its charity lottery tickets every year. The news even made its way to Ellen Degeneres, who invited Barry and his boss Squire Barnes to appear on her show (it aired just this Monday, Nov 14th). ;-)

Here's how it all unfolded:

the winning ticket from a hospital charity lottery

Great WOTW. Quite a unique broadcast moment.

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