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YML has a lot of "official" listeners. Like for example, the "Official Optometrist" (Michael Marino), the "Official Pastor" (Rory Gillespie) and the "Official Jew" (Loren Finkelstein). But we also have the "Official Toddler" (formerly known as the "Official Baby of YML"), Logan Gehr. Logan is the very adorable son of longtime YML listeners Susan and Greg Gehr and apparently he's a big fan of 1Password.

Well specifically, he's a fan of 1Password's commercial that airs on YML.

Check it out. :-)

Logan for 1Password


Susan says she was dying of

Susan says she was dying of laughter at the end of the video - so was I!
Shawn King
Host/Executive Producer
Your Mac Life

With kids and animals, just always have the camera at the ready!

Since it is so small and light, I try to pack around my Canon SD1100 Digital Elph all the time. We were just having dessert on the porch and all of a sudden Logan is mimicking the 1Password commercial. You can hear the clothes dryer in the background if you listen carefully. I tried filming again with the dryer off, but the original take was just so much funnier.

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