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In my cynical lead up to Christmas this year, this submission struck a chord with me and I think it will with a lot of people. Those of us who have lived x amount of years remember when it was okay to wish someone a Merry Christmas. Well these days it seems, that’s just not quite politically correct for some and I say bull-pucky!

We Say Merry Christmas! ;-)

Because we’re wrapping up the year 2009, I thought I’d give a couple of honourable mentions as well. So winners of software from SoMM or Circus Ponies, their choice, are the folks who submitted:


Congratulations to all of our winners today and throughout the year! We look foward to entertaining you even more in 2010!

Happy Holidays (oh who am I kidding, Merry Christmas!!). :-)

~ Sly

Merry Christmas

GrandpaChrisCanada Would like wish the crew a good Christmas and a jolly NewYear with lots more great shows!

(I hope Steve makes a bigger iTouch so I can read stuff more easily! In more than 8 point type. Maybe a pocket book Touch tablet. Say 6x8 inches. Just a thought from my trusty iTouch 09)

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