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Each week Sly posts a fun, weird or wacky site of the week sent in by a listener. To submit a website of the week, send an email to Sly.

Sly's Website of the Week - June 5th, 2013

While I’m sure many have already seen this, it’s too cool not to see again. Commander (and coolest Canadian EVER) Chris Hadfield singing Space Oddity…IN SPACE! ;-)

Sly's Website of the Week - May 8th, 2013

Picking a website of the week this week was really a no-brainer. C’mon it’s penguins, and not only is it penguins, it’s penguins playing with an iPad!

D'uh! :-)

Sly's Website of the Week - March 27th, 2013

Such a wonderful reaction from a little girl on her first trip in an airplane. I don't mind flying, but I don't know that I could be in a plane where I could stick my arms outside. LOL

Hope you enjoy.


Sly's Website of the Week - March 6th, 2013

If you’re having a bad day, this will definitely make you smile – so great!

Caine builds his own arcade. ;-)


Sly's Website of the Week - January 30th, 2013

Considering the big news today with Blackberry’s release of their Blackberry Z10 and Q10 smartphones, as well as changing their corporate name officially from RIM to Blackberry, it seems rather fitting that we poke a little fun with a some "The One Ronnie" British humour.

"My Blackberry’s Not Working!"


Sly's Website of the Week - January 9th, 2013

The new year starts out with, what else, something a little strange.
Scotch Tape: A Photo-series Of Taped Faces

“This is a photoseries called Scotch Tape by photographer Wes Naman. With the help of his assistant Joy Godfrey, the models’ faces are manipulated using Scotch tape. There’s a lot of squished noses and lips, stretched eyebrows, and smashed faces. The final product is pretty funny in a disturbing “Sweet Jesus burn it with fire!” sort of way, you know? Of course you know. You’ve already scrolled through all the pics and have proceeded to wash your eyeballs out with bleach. But that’s not gonna help. Oh no, those images are burned into your retinas. FOR ETERNITY. I… probably should have warned you about that.”

Toldja it was a little strange. ;-)

Sly's Website of the Week - December 19th, 2012

This is kinda awesome and kinda long. :-)

From all of us at Your Mac Life to you and yours, our very best wishes for a very Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah and a Happy Kwanzaa! See you in 2013!*

*Well, that is if the Mayans were wrong. (And if not, been nice knowing ya.) ;-)

~ Sly

Sly's Website of the Week - November 14th, 2012

I'm not sure this could get any weirder.

"Visitors to the Restroom Cultural Park in the southern city of Suwon (South Korea) can learn fun facts about human poo and look around a toilet-themed art gallery."

Sign me up! Uh...not. :-)

Toilet Theme Park

(Disclaimer: There may be some language that people may find objectionable...IT'S NOT OUR FAULT!) :-)

Sly's Website of the Week - October 24th, 2012

Without a doubt, the most disturbing Website of the Week in a long while.

I weep for humanity.

Sly's Website of the Week - September 12th, 2012

It's been a little while since we've posted a Website of the Week, we may just start calling it "Website of the Month" or "Website of Whenever the Heck Sly Feels Like It". ;-)

But today, we at least have a Website of the Week - "Sh!t Apple Fanatics Say" or my personal preference "Gestures!".

(Yes the title includes a bad word. Proceed at your own delicate sensibilities risk.) :-)

Sly's Website of the Week - August 15th, 2012

Canadian singer, and former Canadian Idol contestant, Carly Rae Jepsen seems to be the "pop sensation du jour" of late and her single (dare I say hit) Call Me Maybe has been played to death and even performed/parodied to death by US Olympians and even Jimmy Fallon.

Well another parody of it making the rounds, has a bit of a different spin...kinda funny in that icky, creepy sorta way, and as such, destined to be chosen as Website of the Week.

Call Me Maybe (Chatroulette Version)

Sly's Website of the Week - July 25th, 2012

Yes I know most people think that unboxing photos/videos of Mac products is lame enough, but…well, this is just sad.

Unboxing the Nexus 7 is Fun!


Sly's Website of the Week - July 11th, 2012

Okay since my last website of the week was a little on the morbid side, what with the remote controlled taxidermy cat flying through the air, here’s something to counter it...in all its cute glory.

All together now, "awwwwwwww". ;-)

~ Sly

Sly's Website of the Week - June 27th, 2012

There really are no words.

No really, no words.

Some of you may find this a little queasy too, as in disturbing, and some of you may laugh your butts off. YMMV. Watch at your own discretion.


Sly's Website of the Week - June 6th, 2012

Instead of Website of the Week this week, I thought today I would give a “Tip-of-the-Week”, sent to me by a YML listener. It’s so great that I thought I would pass it along to you, in case like me, you weren’t aware that this was an option.

You might recall the last time I was on the show, I had mentioned that I stupidly (yes, stupidly) deleted my MS Office Suite 2004 from my iMac BEFORE saving any “critical” emails from Entourage, which for whatever reason I was using for my YML email account. Well a listener much smarter than I (and really what listener isn’t? ;-) ) emailed to say that there was a way I could recover my emails despite the fact that I had completely deleted (or so I thought anyway) MS Office 2004. If you ever find yourself in this predicament, here’s what to do:

“If you just dragged your Office folder to the trash and deleted it you most certainly still have your old messages. If you used the Office uninstaller tool you may still have them depending on which boxes you checked.

OK Look in your home folder (looks like a little house), --> documents --> Microsoft user Data --> Identities --> Main Identity . If you did not delete that folder when removing office, your messages will be there.

In Mail, go to File --> Import Mailboxes and your will see check boxes. Check the one for Microsoft Entourage, follow the prompts and you should be able to import your old messages.”

Voila! It worked, right down to importing all the different folders I had set up in Entourage; I even used MS Outlook from Office 2011 instead of the Mail app (because apparently I like to torture myself), and it still worked.

So huge thanks to Scott Randell of the Long Island Macintosh Users Group who emailed me with that tip. Much appreciated, Scott...and because it worked like a charm, I’m awarding you this week’s (non) website of the week prize to you. Please visit Smile Software and select one of Smile’s great products, and I’ll see if they can send a license key off to you. Thanks, Scott!


Sly's Website of the Week - May 23rd, 2012

This week's winner writes:

A British gameshow called "Golden Balls" invites contestants to play a version of the Prisoner's Dilemma, wherein the two contestants have to decide whether they're going to "split" or "steal" a pot of money.

If they both opt to split, they split the money. If one opts to split, and one opts to steal, the one who steals it gets the whole pot. And if they both opt to steal it, then neither get the money.

You have to watch this video to appreciate the raw game theory power move that one contestant pulled.

What a great ending! LOL

~ Sly

Sly's Website of the Week - May 2nd, 2012

Let's face it, I'm going to be useless on today's show after my incredible week off that first started in Portland, visiting Shawn, Michel, Hannamarie and seeing Bill (getting to meet Scotty!), Ian (and his lovely wife Darci) and 2nd Mom (and Mr. 2nd Mom), getting a new iPad (can you say BEAUTIFUL?!?), not to mention the incredible week of Springsteen shows I had, culminating in being elbows on stage at the center catwalk, front row with my favourite musician a mere 20 feet away (and closer at times) for LA Night 2.

Still can't get the stupid-assed grin off my face. ;-)

I haven't even thought of Website of the Week or looked at entries, so I'm picking my own - you can get a glimpse of what my view was through my friend Joanne's video that she shot of Springsteen and Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine and The Nightwatchman) singing The Ghost of Tom Joad. What Morello does with a guitar should really be illegal. LOL (I was dead center of Springsteen.)

My recap of my Springsteen week focusing on that incredible LA Night 2 show and experience is also below in case you're interested (photos included):


Still on a contact high. :-) See ya tonight!

Sly's Website of the Week - April 18th, 2012

Our winner this week said he'd win if Shawn was picking WotW this week. Well Shawn doesn't pick WotW winners, now does he?!? I'll show you!

Um...ya. Okay, so I enjoy mindless penguin websites too. ;-)

Mindless Penguin Cursor Fun


~ Sly

Sly's Website of the Week - April 4th, 2012

Far too technical for my pea brain, so I'll just let the YouTube description speak for itself.

House of The Rising Sun played on Steve Caton's and Eric Goodchild's (me) 7 foot tall Musical Tesla Coils.

This was the first time the coils have ever been run together. It was a marvelous first test.

These are two gigantic solid state musical Tesla Coils. A Tesla Coil is a special type of transformer invented by Nikola Tesla that is able to generating extremely large voltages using a phenomenon known as electrical resonance. Each coil in this video is capable of generating a 13 foot spark. This equates to about 500,000 volts of electricity.

The primary drive system for the coils consists of high power semiconductors arranged into an H-Bridge switching configuration. During a spark event, the coil is pulsed on for a few hundred millionths of a second. During this short time, thousands of amps circulate within the primary tank circuit and the energy is coupled into the secondary resonator through magnetism.

So what appears to be a continuous burst of sparks is actually a specific number of sparks generated per second. By modulating the number of sparks that emit from the coil each second, different tones can be produced by the coils.

I may not understand technically, but I do understand that it's very cool and for that, it's my pick for Website of the Week this week. ;-)

~ Sly

Sly's Website of the Week - March 21st, 2012


So dad, how do you like your new iPad?


Tonight's winner is eligible to win great software from Smile Software - maybe it's YOU! :-)

Sly's Website of the Week - March 7th, 2012

I can feel Shawn's eyes glazing over and him going to a happy place all the way from here. LOL ;-)

Penguins, Penguins, Penguins!

Sly's Website of the Week - February 15th, 2012

USB Shot Glass and Power Hour Drinking Game, now that's a party in the making...and apparently a lawsuit in the making as well for musician Ali Spagnola, who's trying to defend her use of "Power Hour" against a lawsuit by combining & selling her CD with a Shot Glass & Drinking Game.

Her video is funny and cute and I have to admit, I'm tempted to send $30 bucks her way. ;-)

Check it out, including the story at Gizmodo, if you get the chance.

~ Sly

Sly's Website of the Week - February 1st, 2012

Proof that some REALLY bad songs made it to #1 on the Billboard Top 100 chart.

5 Seconds of Every #1 Billboard Hot 100 Hit From 1993-2011

Sly's Website of the Week - January 4th, 2012

First, Happy New Year to all the listeners of Your Mac Life and welcome to a brand new year of Website of the Week.

Starting us off this year is a simple yet cool website of the week that slowly eases us back into the swing of things.

Remember musical chairs? Well how about Musical Squares.

Try spelling out your name (I did!) or not. Whatever pattern works for you. But fair warning, it can become addictive.

*Note our winner may see that it's not the same URL as was submitted....for some reason, the URL wasn't coming up for me at work so I had to find another site that hosted this. Same bat-game, different bat-channel. ;-)



Sly's Website of the Week - December 14th, 2011

The information on You-Tube says it all:

After lots of time away last year (214 days) -- planned for 7 week deployment exercise with other nations

Diverted to Libya and further operations

Back 9 Dec after 7½ months away - 225 days with 176 at sea

400 people onboard (at peak during the amphibious exercises just under 900 onboard but approx 650 during Op Ellamy)
Steamed just over 40,000 miles
Burned approx 6,000 tonnes of fuel
Operated 16 different type of aircraft off the deck

Realities of deploying:

15 babies born while the ship has been away (fathers did get home to see mum and baby)
5 people were sent home so they didn't miss their own weddings.
1 sailor whose son's third birthday is on homecoming. Family meeting ship

Ships company have missed:

Summer holidays.
Children's exam results
Children finishing school and starting university
The Padre missed his daughter's graduation.

The ship's company made a Christmas DVD when they heard they would be home for Christmas.

That's what Christmas is all about...glad they're going home. Nice job, HMS Ocean!

I hope you and yours have a very Merry Christmas and wonderful New Year!

Happy Holidays!
~ Sly

Sly's Website of the Week - November 30th, 2011

As one with nary an artistic bone in her body, this blew me away. (A very cool "tribute" to Steve Jobs.)

(Aaron Kizer paints Steve Jobs with Nonstop AKA Marquese in Owensboro, Kentucky at the 11th Hour Live Music and Arts Show. www.kizerarts.com)


Sly's Website of the Week - November 16th, 2011

About two weeks ago one of our (Vancouver’s) local tv news stations was broadcasting the winning ticket from a hospital charity lottery – I believe the grand prize gave the winner the opportunity to choose between a $2.5 Million dollar house in a suburb of Vancouver called Langley, or a cash prize of approximately $1.7 Million. Well, it turns out that the winning ticket belonged to one of the sports anchors of that very same station. It was funny to watch and naturally it made its way onto YouTube, and ultimately here as a website of the week.

The really good thing about all this, is that Barry’s daughter was diagnosed with leukemia when she was about 4 and underwent a year of chemotherapy treatments, thankfully resulting in a successful recovery, so they always made it a point to support the hospital in any way they could, including buying its charity lottery tickets every year. The news even made its way to Ellen Degeneres, who invited Barry and his boss Squire Barnes to appear on her show (it aired just this Monday, Nov 14th). ;-)

Here's how it all unfolded:

Sly's Website of the Week - November 2nd, 2011

Pretty incredible product launch by LG for the LG Optimus (Sept 2010):

File it under the category of "don't just ask how, but ask WTF how?!?". :-)

Sly's Website of the Week - October 5th, 2011

This is just downright fun!

Draw Your Own Stickman!

Don't forget to stick around once you've drawn him/her. That's where all the fun is. :-)