Macworld Expo Sessions Available for Download

From TidBITS

The folks at IDG have started a new service called Macworld Encore, where you can download individual sessions as iPod-compatible QuickTime video or audio files. The sessions aren't free, but they're pretty reasonable: the Users Conference sessions each cost $5; the all-day Power Tools Conferences cost $30; Mac IT tracks cost $7 apiece; Market Symposiums cost $15; and the Hands-on Mac Labs cost $10. (A DVD-ROM containing everything is also available for $300.)

If you attended one of the paid conferences and weren't able to sit in on a session you wanted to catch, this is an inexpensive way of getting it; and if you weren't able to make it to Macworld Expo at all, a few individual downloads are much cheaper than a trip to San Francisco would have been.

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Appearing on this Week's Your Mac Life - Arik Hesseldahl

Arik Hesseldahl is a reporter for and will appear on this week's YML to discuss his latest column, "What to Do with Apple's Cash".

onair [at] yourmaclifeshow [dot] com

iConcertCal: Your Gig-Going Pal

From TidBITS

Until recently, I haven't been a regular visitor to Apple's Mac OS X Downloads page, but after coming across their latest featured download, I may become a regular visitor. The program in question was a nifty iTunes plug-in called iConcertCal, which generates a personalized calendar of concert dates based on artists in your iTunes music library and your location.

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PDFpenPro 3.1

From The MacObserver

PDFpenPro lets you edit, modify, and sign the PDFs you work with - and it does all that with a user-friendly interface and an affordable price.

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Creating Playlists on Your iPod

From The Mac Observer

Making Playlists in iTunes for your iPod is easy enough, but what about creating Playlists *on* your iPod? No problem. Here's how.

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Upgrade Your WiFi to the Nth Degree... at Your Own Risk

From MacMerc

QuickerTek has just announced the availability of 802.11n wireless upgrade cards for Apple, Intel MacBook, Intel MacBook Pro models and Intel iMacs. Users can choose to buy the card and install it themselves for $149 USD, or send their computer to QuickerTek to have the card installed for only USD$199.

The latest 802.11n wireless network gear just announced by Apple has left many users lagging in wireless performance options. This new upgrade for QuickerTek customers allows MacBook and iMac users to stay current with the benefits of the fastest wireless. These wireless networking cards are made to the same specifications as the Apple factory cards and install into the AirPort card slot. They work with all 802.11/b/g/n WiFi equipment including Apple AirPort, AirPort Extreme and the latest 802.11n version of AirPort Extreme introduced at Macworld Expo.

The user-installed upgrade option includes the 802.11n upgrade card, tools and illustrated installation manual--everything needed to complete the upgrade at home. It should be noted that Apple has recently let it be known that Airport card installation is not a Do-It-Yourself procedure and that installing your own wireless card will void your warranty.

More Options Charges Likely

From The Mercury News

Since the stock-option scandal hit national headlines a year ago this month, there has been no end to the queries: How widespread was the backdating? How did this happen? Who was responsible? What motivated executives to do it? Has it stopped?

But in the wake of guilty pleas from two East Coast executives and last week's criminal and civil charges against a third in Silicon Valley, two questions are taking on special importance as more companies complete internal reviews:

Who's the next target for federal prosecutors, and how soon?

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Hello, I'm a Mac and Bill's a PC

From The Huffington Post

By now you've seen, no doubt many times, Apple's most recent Get a Mac commercial, in which poor PC can not get a word in (or out) without first clearing it (Cancel or allow?) through his grim, Secret-Service-style security agent. If for some reason you haven't seen it -- your television and your computer have been broken for the past month, perhaps, or you've just returned from keeping vigil at the morgue where Anna Nicole Smith has been slowly decomposing -- you can see it here.

And you should see it, because it's the best of the series so far.

Much has been made of the notion that, at first glance, Mac and PC bear a more than passing resemblance to Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. And maybe that's what really bugs Mr. Gates about the commercials. Maybe he's not bothered by how they may hurt the feelings of 90 percent of computer users; maybe he's bothered by how they hurt his own.

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Uncensored South Park on iTMS

From iLounge

Comedy Central has announced that uncensored versions of episodes from South Park this season will be available for purchase from the iTunes Store. The network said the uncensored episodes will be available on iTunes the Tuesday after they premiere beginning on Tuesday, March 13th. The 11th season of South Park launches on Wednesday, March 7th at 10:00 p.m. ET.

“Coming up in the 11th season, viewers can expect a parody of the popular Fox hit series, 24, and Hilary Clinton pays a visit to South Park. There will be plenty of shocking surprises from the legendary fourth-graders,” says Comedy Central.

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Is Apple’s iPhone Still Exciting? Our Views and Yours

From iLounge

Announced to rapturous applause in January, Apple’s “revolutionary” iPhone has since been the subject of endless discussions, with everyone from average users to analysts and critics weighing in on its potential for success or failure. With roughly three months remaining before the device’s launch, iLounge’s editors were given a set of several questions: how do you feel today about iPhone? Have your feelings changed, positively or negatively, since the announcement? Will you buy one?

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UK Apple Resellers Report Steady Sales

From Macworld UK

Apple continues to experience strong demand for all its products in the UK, with strong iPod sales across all models and some products are in short supply. Resellers here report short availability of the entry-level 1.66Mhz Mac mini and iLife '06.

iPod sales remain strong, with an astonishing 120,000+ sales of full-size iPods (combining 30GB and 60GB black and white models) reported across the UK so far during the current quarter, it has been claimed. iPod nano sales are even stronger, with close to 200,000 units sold so far this quarter, Macworld has learned. iPod shuffle sales also appear very strong, with an estimated 140,000 units sold so far in the UK.

This demanding market means that in the UK it appears demand for Apple's music players currently exceeds supply, a trend which denies claims in some quarters that the market is becoming saturated.

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What to Do with Apple's Cash

From BusinessWeek

What would you do with $12 billion?

You might have two ideas in mind, neither of which is necessarily exclusive of the other: First, do some good; and second, make sure that money keeps growing.

It's the kind of question that the financial minds over at Apple have to consider, for that is about the amount of cash the company had on its balance sheet the last time it reported earnings on Jan 17.

If the last year is any judge, Apple's cash position - the combination of its cash on hand and short-term investments that can quickly be converted to cash - is growing at a rate of about a billion and change per quarter. It's high time Apple spread some of that cash around, and I think one good way to start would be to launch a venture capital fund.

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Speed Up

From Hawk Wings

As everyone knows, it is possible to get quite a speed boost out of by stripping all the bloat out of its Envelope index, an SQLite database Mail uses to store senders, recipients, subjects and so on.

Here is a faster way to get the same result.

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Morgan Stanley Sees Demand for Apple's iPhone Underestimated

From MarketWatch

Morgan Stanley analyst Kathryn Huberty reiterated her buy rating on Apple Inc. shares saying she believed the market is underestimating the likely success of the iPhone. She raised her 2007 iPhone sales forecast by 33% to 8 million units from 6 million, following a survey of 2,500 U.S. consumers.

Huberty also believes Apple's ability to leverage strong iPhone demand is being underestimated. "While we see positive leverage drivers across Apple's product segment, the iPhone alone increases scale, strengthens retail store leverage and takes advantage of lower memory pricing in the market," Huberty said in a research note.

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Apple Sets Wi-Fi on Fire

From InfoWorld

At $179, Apple's AirPort Extreme 802.11 draft-n wireless base station is priced like brand X, but Cisco couldn't have done it any better. Apple's claim of 5X performance and 2X coverage relative to 802.11g is no mere boast; it was proven for this review.

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The Truth about Switching

Poke around the net for a while searching for information on what it’s like to switch to a Mac, and you’ll quickly get a face full of hyperbole, zealots, platform bigots, feature weenies, and naysayers - from both the Windows and Mac camps.

But there are precious few places to get an honest word about what it’s like to switch, other than some deeply technical face-offs. So, I’ve been taking notes for the past few years, and thought I’d write them down.

So, here’s what it’s like to switch to a Mac, without all the whining and hysterics.

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Apple to Hold Special Event at NAB

From Macworld

Apple will hold a special event at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) trade show on Sunday, April 15. While no details were available on what, if anything, will be announced at the event, Apple has used such events in the past to launch significant product releases.

In 2005, the company used an event at NAB to launch Final Cut Studio and Soundtrack Pro. A similar event was used to launch Motion in Las Vegas.

Apple will also have a large booth at the show.

(Shawn's Comment: What do you think Apple will announce? New Final Cut Pro? New hardware?)

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The Graphic Reporter's Tip of the Week

On last night's show, I talked about how to wrangle web graphics, which includes tips and tricks for not only picking the right file type for the image, but also how to squeeze out a few more K in size. Hope you enjoy the tutorial, and thanks to Jerimy Carrol for the idea!

Until next week, may the creative force be with you!

Archives for February 28th, 2007

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Our guests on Wednesday's show were:

- Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Product Manager Tom Hogarty

- Lesa King,

- Peter Cohen with The Big Story

Listener of the Week!

<-- thats him.

"He's a dork in the 10th grade (sophomore). loves Macs and writes about 'em here. hates microsoft,with.a.passion.! he tries to get stuff posted on here daily but with the school world, it's hard to do. so .. be patient. :)"

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CompUSA Closes more than Half of Stores

From Macworld

CompUSA will close more than half of its retail computer and electronics stores in the next two to three months.

In a statement, CompUSA said it would shutter 126 stores — it currently operates 225 — within 90 days as part of a massive restructuring first unveiled last Friday. The restructuring will rely on the store closings, as well as a $400 million cash infusion and other expense reductions. CompUSA did not specify the source of the cash investment.

“Based on changing conditions in the consumer retail electronics market, the company identified the need to close and sell stores with low performance or nonstrategic, old store layouts and locations faced with market saturation,” Roman Ross, CompUSA’s CEO, said in a statement. Earlier this month, rival Circuit City Stores Inc. announced that it also would close stores.

Of the consumer electronics retail chains, one that seems to be weathering the storm is Best Buy. For the quarter ended Dec. 31, 2006, Richfield, Minn.-based Best Buy posted a 7 percent increase in comparable store revenue and a 15 percent boost in sales overall.

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iTunes is All "That" to Indie Producers

From Variety

Apple's digital content store is selling "That," a snowboarding pic made for DVD. Apple's digital content store on Tuesday started selling "That," a snowboarding action pic made for DVD by Forum Snowboards. The move represents the first time iTunes has sold video content that didn't come from an established network, studio or distributor.

Though the Mac maker wouldn't comment on future plans, the deal with Forum indicates iTunes will selectively sell video outside of its high-profile deals with companies like Disney, NBC and Lionsgate. Given iTunes' dominance in the nascent digital download market, that's sure to generate hordes of interest among independent film producers in all genres who don't have a distributor.

The deal comes as Apple also started selling content from Wasserman Media Group's Studio411, a financier and distributor of skateboarding, motocross, ski and snowboard vids.

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Apple's Best Buy Pilot: Still Evaluating

From ifoAppleStore

Apple is still evaluating the results of a sales trial with electronics retailer Best Buy, and is considering a pilot with Circuit City to sell Apple products, according to chief operating officer Tim Cook, speaking at the Goldman Sachs Technology Symposium in Las Vegas. “We are thrilled with the retail stores. We could not be happier,” Cook told the crowd. He said Apple would open 35 to 40 stores this fiscal year, and confirmed for the first time future stores in Rome (Italy) and Sydney (Australia).

Cook said the pilot program with Best Buy was a success, and it was expanded from a handful of stores to 50. Apple is now evaluating that trial to decided how to proceed. Cook would only say that Apple is evaluating the possibility of a sales agreement with Circuit City.

In response to a question about the slower sales growth at the retail stores in the latest quarter, Cook said the Apple was focusing its energy on the “broader channel” by working with resellers more closely, and keeping them stocked. That process shifted revenue from the Apple stores to the channel, he explained.

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Apple says iPhone to Sell - Free Phones Worthless

From Bloomberg

Apple Inc. predicted that 10 million customers will pay at least $499 to buy an iPhone next year because they realize most free mobile phones are worthless.

"A lot of people pay zero for the cell phone. Guess why? That's what it's worth,'' Apple Chief Operating Officer Timothy Cook said yesterday at a conference in Las Vegas. Some wireless providers win customers by offering phones that lack the latest features free with service contracts.

"This will be a big piece of the Apple story for years to come,'' Cook told attendees at the Goldman Sachs Group Inc. technology conference. "If we offer something that has tremendous value, that is sort of this thing people didn't have in their consciousness -- it was not imaginable -- then I think there's a whole bunch of people that will pay $499, $599.''

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Aperture 1.5.2

From Macworld

Pros: Many bug fixes; more-flexible approach to supporting new Raw formats.

Cons: Inadequate printed documentation; needs more zoom options and keyboard shortcuts for adjustments; adjusting large Raw-format images requires a fast Mac and a high-end video card.

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Photoshop Lightroom 1.0

From Macworld

Pros: Excellent photo-management and -importing capabilities; strong editing functionality, including innovative Targeted Adjustment tool and intuitive Spot Removal brush; good printing and Web creation features; performs well across wide range of Macs.

Cons: Interface has a few minor inconsistencies; skimpy Slideshow module; needs more-comprehensive documentation; no secure FTP; image backup options are only during import.

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Stop Entourage Background Churning

From Macworld

I’m routinely impressed by how helpful and knowledgeable our forum visitors are. Today I offer the example of one Larryw, who — out of the pure goodness of his heart — offered up this tip that has made my computing more enjoyable.

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Would Apple Mix DRM and Non-DRM Music at the iTunes Store?

From Daring Fireball

I’ve seen others arguing that Apple would need all of the major record labels to agree to abandon DRM before Apple would sell non-DRM music at the iTunes Store, to keep the experience consistent. It’s true that one of the best things about iTunes compared to other download stores is that all of the music — every song from every label — is sold under the same terms. (Compare to Microsoft’s Zune Marketplace, where some of the songs are restricted such that they can’t even be squirted between Zunes.)

However, there’s a difference here.

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Sluggish Safari? Mac Fans Hustle for Answers


That's the question posed at Macenstein, which ran tests comparing the Apple browser to the popular Firefox software.

The article's author tested his Mac by conducting a series of tasks using both browsers. He claims that the computer performed the tasks significantly slower when Safari was open, compared to when Firefox was open.

The news quickly spread among the Mac faithful, who are trying to replicate the results and figure out what is going on.

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TypeIt4Me 3.1

From Macworld

Pros: Saves time; powerful special characters allows complex abbreviations; supports application-specific abbreviations.

Cons: Interface is a bit complex; price may seem high to some users.

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