Mac Users get Choice for Geotagging Photos

From ITWire

While a few upmarket cameras use GPS to tag photos with the location of the spot where they were taken, most people have to add the tags later. Mac OS X users now have a choice of applications to ease the chore of editing location information.

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Sly's Website of the Week - April 25, 2007

Yet another Gates vs Jobs parody....but ok, ok this one made me chuckle.

Gates: "What's that?"
Jobs: "It's an iHouse"
Gates: "It has no windows"
Jobs: "Exactly!"

Jobs: "Finder"?
Finder: "Yes, my Lord"


Riveting, huh? ;-) Oh go on, watch it, you know you want to!


Disclaimer: Some language or references contained in the video may not be suitable for all ages; viewer discretion is advised (I don't think it's that bad, but then again, I'm not well). :-) ~ Sly

Sign of the Coming Apocalypse

Oklahoma just declared the watermelon their state *vegetable*.....

I typed that right...*vegetable*....

Okla. Declares Watermelon State Veggie

Spam Fighting and SEC Closure?

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This week on Your Mac Life, sponsored by Griffin Technology, The MacBU, RadTech, SmileOnMyMac and Circus Ponies - "Spam Fighting and SEC Closure?"

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SEC won't File Stock Options Case against Apple

From Reuters
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission said it would not file an enforcement action against Apple Inc. in connection with the agency's stock-options dating investigation, citing the company's "extraordinary" cooperation.

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Rogue Amoeba Offers Major Update to Fission

From MacMinute

Rogue Amoeba Software announced the release of Fission1.5, a major update to its audio editor for Mac OS X. Fission provides lossless editing of MP3, AAC, Apple Lossless, and AIFF audio files. With Fission, users can trim, split, and fade audio files, then save the result with no quality loss.

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Picturesque Readies Images for the Web

From Macworld

Acqualia has released Picturesque, a utility to help Web content creators get images ready to post on the Web. It costs $19.50, and a free demo is available for download.

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Spam Fighters

From Macworld
Seven utilities that can help to rid your inbox of junk.

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Apple Releases 99 Cent iQuiz

From iLounge
Following a brief glimpse last week, Apple has now released the iQuiz game for fifth-generation iPods. According to the game’s description, iQuiz includes four built-in games, including entertainment trivia and a quiz game based on a user’s music library. Unlike other iPod games, which sell for $4.99 each, iQuiz is priced at only 99 cents.

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Apple Estimated to make $0.10 on every iTunes Song

From TGDaily
Apple has long maintained that iTunes is a “break-even” operation, but according to research done by PacificCrest's Andy Hargreaves Apple has at least a 10% margin on every song sold on iTunes.

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SEC to File Suit against Ex-Apple Lawyer

From Yahoo!
Securities regulators plan to file civil fraud charges this week against Apple Inc.'s former general counsel and have worked out a settlement with its former chief financial officer over their alleged roles in the company's stock options scandal, people familiar with the matter said Monday.

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How to Rip DVDs with Handbrake

From MacInstruct

if you’re a Mac user, you have access to the best program available for getting DVDs to your hard drive, iPod, or Apple TV: Handbrake.

You can download Handbrake from The program works with Mac OS 10.3.9 and later. Once you’ve downloaded and installed the program, you’re ready to start ripping!

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A Mystic Weekend

After Lesa presented at the Connecticut Macintosh Connection meeting on Friday, we went exploring Mystic, CT.

Happy Birthday, PageSender!

PageSender is 5 years old! That’s like 50 in shareware years!

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Jobs likely to Avoid Criminal Charges in Options Probe

From the San Jose Mercury News

Months into a federal investigation of stock options backdating at Apple, prospects for a criminal case against powerhouse CEO Steve Jobs appear dim.
A Mercury News examination of a massive 2001 stock-options grant to Jobs that was backdated through bogus documentation - the central focus of the federal probe - shows there is scant evidence, if any, to support criminal charges against the Silicon Valley icon.

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Hacker Breaks into Mac at Security Conference

From IDG News Service
A hacker managed to break into a Mac and win a $10,000 prize as part of a contest started at the CanSecWest security conference here.

Initially, contestants were invited to try to access one of two Macs through a wireless access point while the Macs had no programs running. No attackers managed to do so, and so conference organizers allowed participants to try to get in through the browser by sending URLs via e-mail.

(Shawn's Comment: So when nobody could do what was originally asked, they made the "contest" easier)

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Apple Releases Mac OS X Security Patch Addressing 25 Issues

From MacObserver

Apple released Security Update 2007-004 for Mac OS X 10.3.9 and Mac OS X 10.4.9. The update addresses some 25 different issues for 19 different Mac OS X components. All of them are issues that would have potentially allowed either arbitrary code execution or a bad guy to gain access to your Mac with "escalated privileges."

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Aperture Update Improves Performance

From Macworld
Apple released an update to its professional photography workflow application Aperture, bringing the most current version to 1.5.3. The update addresses issues related to overall reliability and performance, according to the company.

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Gartner: Apple's Q1 Sales Rise 30% in U.S.

From Computerworld
Apple hung on to 5 percent of the U.S. personal computer market the first quarter of this year, research firm Gartner said Thursday, fueled by another impressive jump in systems sold compared to a year ago.

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Apple seen having Upper Hand in Music Negotiations

From Reuters
When Apple Inc. sits for contract negotiations with the major record companies over the next month, it will probably seek further concessions from them on selling music without copy-protection software.

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Apple: A Romance

From Buzz Andersen
I will always look back very fondly on my time at Apple, and I'm forever indebted to the friends there who gave me my big chance, took me under their wing, and taught me so much. And who knows--as one of my bosses there was fond of saying: "The question's really not how long have you worked for Apple--it's how many times." I wouldn't be at all surprised to find myself back in the halls of 1 Infinite Loop someday.

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Griffin Technology AirDock Docking Station with Remote

From iLounge
We've known about it for a long while, and now it's finally shipping: Griffin's AirDock ($70) offers a stylish AV docking and charging option for 4G and 5G iPods, minis, and nanos, minus the physical size, on-TV menuing, and Internet radio functionality of its earlier TuneCenter dock.

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Microsoft Slams iPhone as "Irrelevant"

From ZDNet Australia
Apple's soon-to-be-launched iPhone will be irrelevant to business users...a senior executive with the software giant said this week.

(Shawn's Comment: At no point in the article does the MS rep actually call the iPhone "irrelevant". His criticisms are valid for business. Shame on ZDNet)

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iPhone on Target for End of June Launch, AT&T Says

From Reuters
The iPhone, Apple Inc.'s first mobile handset, is on schedule to hit the U.S. market at the end of June, a senior executive with AT&T Inc. said on Wednesday. "Our expectations are good. Our testing has been good," said AT&T Chief Operating Officer Randall Stephenson. "The iPhone is on target to launch in June."

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Apple among Supporters of New Patent Reform Bill

From Macworld

Apple and a number of other companies have voiced their support for the Patent Reform Act of 2007. A bipartisan bill currently under consideration in the U.S. Congress, the proposed legislation calls for some fundamental changes to the way that patents are granted and the way they’re litigated in U.S. courts.

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Archives for April 18th, 2007

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Our guests on Wednesday's show were:

- Adobe Photoshop Product Manager Bryan O'Neil Hughes

- Scott Simmons

- John Grzeskowiak, Radtech

- Peter Cohen,

- Lesa King,

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iTunes Store Offers "Great Albums" Sale

From Macworld
Apple has kicked of a “Great Albums” sale on the iTunes Store with over 100 music albums priced at $7.99. Apple has organized the albums by years—1920s-1960s, 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s-2000s.

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BBC to Open Up Archive for Trial

From Macworld
The BBC's proposed iPlayer service, offering catch-up TV via the web and cable TV, would be re-engineered to work with Apple Macs and would eventually roll out to digital terrestrial TV (DTT) and set-top boxes.

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Photoshop Sharpening Tips for Designers

From Macworld
Virtually every image you bring into Adobe Photoshop—whether it be a stock image or from a scanner or digital camera—will need at least a little bit of sharpening.

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EyeTV 2.4 Update Adds Apple TV Support

From iLounge
Elgato Systems has released EyeTV 2.4, a free update to its EyeTV software which brings one-click video export for the Apple TV.

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