Apple TV: Why It Matters

From PC Magazine

Apple is extending its digital lifestyle concept to the TV, with Apple TV. I find this move by Apple very interesting and potentially important to the market because of the impact it may have on consumer trends. Of course, Apple is not the first to try to extend Mac/PC content to the living room; in fact, it's five years late. Microsoft's Windows Media Center has been doing this since 2002 with mixed results, and various other media adapters have come to market since then and gotten only minimal consumer acceptance.

On the other hand, you could say the same for Apple's late entry into the MP3 space.

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Apple TV irelevent outside of US

I dont know why Apple is bothering to sell this outside of America since it can only play video that plays in iTunes and there is almost no video content to buy on iTunes outside of the States. All it is for the rest of the world is a glorifies Airport Express. Unless Apple opens up the video codecs the thing supports (Unlikely) or starts selling Movies/TV in Canada or the rest of the world I cant see why anybody but Americans would buy this thing at this point.


There are numerous file sharing networks that move video files in the .mp4 format. That, coupled with various software out in the wild, can decrypt and reformat the media into a file format usable on the ATV, or a video iPod. What will really allow the device to take off, is if Apple will allow the the Pods to dock and play through the device. The device is based on its appeal of simplicity. The nintendo Wii is an example of something targeted specifically, a casual gamer. I think of it as one step, though quite a big one, from my xbox 360. I like the arcade games, the movie quality is okay. I would like it more if the damn fan wasn't so loud.

In a lot of ways, at least what I observed in Germany 10 years ago, I would say they are more technically savvy that what you are giving them credit for.

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