Study: Consumers Balking at iPhone's Price

From Macworld

Consumers aren’t willing to pay what Apple may ask for the iPhone, but if the price drops they’ll switch their mobile service to AT&T in order to get it, according to results of a survey.

Among the 26% of respondents who said they’re likely to buy an iPhone, only 1% said they'd pay $500 for it. When Apple introduced the iPhone in January, it said it would cost $500 on the low end. 42% of those who said they’re likely to buy the phone said they’d pay $200 to $299.

(Shawn's Comment: I think a lot of folks, right now, if asked in a survey, would say they wouldn't pay the price. But when it becomes available, a lot of those same people will have a strong enough "gadget lust" to open their wallets a *lot* wider than they would like to)

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Cost seems about right to me.

Dont get me wrong its a lot of freaking money and I dont even want to think about how much its going to cost in Canada. But for all that it does the price seems pretty ok to me. And I want one, bad. Here is the thing though, for me it will not replace my ipod. I use my ipod in ways that I do not use a phone, mostly my iPod just stays in my car only coming out to sync new YML shows, audiobooks and music to it. I would actually be interested in a cheaper iPhone without the 4 gigs of memory in it - I know that's not going to happen but that's ok. I am under contract to my current mobile company until spring of '08 so wont be getting my share of iPhone goodness till then - I dont want/need it enough to pay the penalty for breaking my contract.

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