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For most of us, e-mail has become a primary means of communication—which means that we have an ever-expanding list of messages to read and process. To keep from being overwhelmed, first figure out how to keep your inbox under control, and then decide on other details of e-mail organization. As with organizing your files, choosing strategies to implement will depend on whether you prefer to find a place for each message or to rely primarily on searches to sift through your mail.

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E-mail Overload

This has become a big problem for me... I am getting ~60 e-mails a day. In spite of trying to set up rules with e-mail being directed to specific mailboxes, my inbox is still stuffed full! And I try to empty it but it just never does!

Maybe the guru of e-mail, Shawn, has something to add to this article to help those of us who are drowning!


"I am getting ~60 e-mails a

"I am getting ~60 e-mails a day."

Try *2000+*. Although, an unannounced domain change *really* cuts down on your email volume. :(

"In spite of trying to set up rules with e-mail being directed to specific mailboxes, my inbox is still stuffed full!"

You need more Rules. :)

The above may sound facetious but it's really not. I probably have a few *hundred* Rules set up in Entourage to deal with my email. You have to be ruthless about setting them up.

I dedicate the first 60-90 mins of my day to dealing with email. Anything in my Inbox that isn't immediately answerable gets moved somewhere. Any email that shows up in my Inbox that shouldn't be there, gets immediately dealt with - deleted, moved, a new rule set up for it, whatever.

I also use different addresses for different purposes. That's why I encourage folks to send Your Mac Life show focused emails to the onair@ account. I do that for a lot of other things too and then filter on the address.

Keep in mind, I do this for a living so, even with 2000 emails a day, it may be easier for me than some of you folks.
Shawn King
Host/Executive Producer
Your Mac Life

Email Rules

Don't forget you may need to move the order in which your rules get processed. If you have a rule that says to move mail "from" dig [at] dog [dot] com to your dog folder but a rule before it says "if to" maurice [at] yourdomain [dot] com, move to your inbox and you get an email to maurice [at] yourdomain [dot] com from dig [at] dog [dot] com it's going to go to your inbox and not the dog folder. So if you move the dig rule before the one to move to your inbox then it would move to the dog folder. I hope you get what I'm saying.
And of course their are many other actions that may apply.

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