Macrovision CEO Asks Apple to Hand Over FairPlay

From PlayList

Fred Amoroso, CEO and President of Macrovision, has responded to Steve Jobs’ recent comments about Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology. Like Jobs, Amoroso has published his comments on his company’s Web site, as an open letter. In it, Amoroso suggests, among other things, that Macrovision take over stewardship of Apple’s own DRM technology.

Amoroso’s company develops DRM technology widely used in commercial DVDs. It also develops DRM for commercial software publishers and other content creators.

Last week Jobs posted a letter to Apple’s Web site suggesting that Apple would drop DRM from its iTunes Store offerings if record labels were to agree. Warner Music CEO Edgar Bronfman Jr. immediately responded, calling Jobs’ anti-DRM stance a fight “without logic” and suggested to investors that any “manifestos in advance” of discussions between the companies “is counter-productive.”

Amoroso’s letter addresses what he considers to be four key points: That DRM has a broad impact across many types of content, not just music; that DRM “increases not decreases consumer value;” that it will increase electronic distribution; and that DRM needs to be interoperable and open.

Amoroso calls DRM “an important enabler across all content, including movies, games and software, as well as music.”

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