A way to connect to IRC for people….

Hey Shawn,

I know it's close to show time, and may be a little too late... But this thought just occurred to me. Since the web IRC chat as been turned off, that may leave some people without the ability to chat. I thought I'd provide at least one solution.. the one I use, in case you want to share the info somehow.

I use a program called Adium:


Download Adium and install it on your Mac. It's completely free, open source software. It doesn't have any Java in it. Once it's installed, launch it. Go to 'Adium' 'Preferences' 'Accounts'. Click the Plus sign in the lower left corner, to add an account. Pick account type IRC.

1) In the 'Nickname' field, put the name you normally use for chatting with the YML group...
2) In the 'Hostname' field, put "irc.chat-solutions.org"
3) In the 'Password' field, put the password to your Nickname, if you've previously set one. If you haven't set one, leave this field blank.

The rest of the tabs (Personal, Options, Privacy, Proxy); you can leave blank. Click the OK button. Click the check box next to this account in the accounts list. The circle to the far right side should turn green and the account should say "Online" if you have successfully connected to the IRC server.

You will get a pop-up window with two tabs. One from 'global' and one from 'nickserv'. The one from 'global' is just the IRC server's information messages. You can just close that tab. Mouse over the little orange circle, and it will turn into an 'x' to close. In the 'nickserv' tab, type "/join #yourmaclife" (without the quotes).

A new tab will appear, that will be our chat room. Click on that tab, and you're ready to chat. You can either close the 'nickserv' tab, or leave it open. Doesn't matter. I know there are other ways to connect. Bill uses a different program. But this is how I do it, and it doesn't cost the user any money. It's relatively simple....

Use this info as you wish....