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The new year starts out with, what else, something a little strange.
Scotch Tape: A Photo-series Of Taped Faces

“This is a photoseries called Scotch Tape by photographer Wes Naman. With the help of his assistant Joy Godfrey, the models’ faces are manipulated using Scotch tape. There’s a lot of squished noses and lips, stretched eyebrows, and smashed faces. The final product is pretty funny in a disturbing “Sweet Jesus burn it with fire!” sort of way, you know? Of course you know. You’ve already scrolled through all the pics and have proceeded to wash your eyeballs out with bleach. But that’s not gonna help. Oh no, those images are burned into your retinas. FOR ETERNITY. I… probably should have warned you about that.”

Toldja it was a little strange. ;-)