Tim Cook: "Apple will make Macs in the USA". Not exactly....

So everyone got all excited because Tim Cook, in an interview with Bloomberg Businessweek, said, "Next year we are going to bring some production to the U.S. on the Mac."

As usual, the Tech Media, in its haste to "get it first", don't see the whole story. Later in the same interview, Cook said, "This doesn’t mean that Apple will do it ourselves, but we’ll be working with people..."

What does that mean? Well, when you look at this story, Foxconn Plans American Expansion, it seems pretty obvious that Apple's China manufacturing partner will become their US based partner, too.

And what machines will get the "Built In the USA" label? Some speculate the iMac would be but Apple will start small and ramp up. The Mac Pro seems to be the more likely candidate.