Is Chris Matyszczyk of CNET intentionally obtuse?

I've often railed against the poor writing, thinking and reasoning skills of CNET's Chris Matyszczyk. He's supposedly an "award-winning creative director" and he very well may be exactly that. But he most certainly is not someone who thinks well about Apple and its place in the world. CNET should be embarrassed to have him writing for their site.

His latest piece of headshaking thought is "Are Apple stores just too crowded?". While his premise might have some validity, he completely destroys it with...well..his writing.

He says:
It's not as if it's Apple's fault that these places are more popular than churches.'re done. End of story. Stop writing. But no - he continues to whine and complain about Apple's success like the grumpy old white guy he appears.

He says:
Despite Apple's firing of retail head John Browett, its stores are performing very well.

I honestly don't even know what that means. Is he saying if Browett was still there, the Apple stores would be less crowded?

And finally, Matyszczyk goes on to prove that he has absolutely zero understanding of how Apple, retail or mall economics works by saying:
(Apple) could also simply take over the mall stores on either side of the Apple store, knock the walls down and create breathing room.

"Simply"? How could anyone be so dense as to think it's just that "simple" for Apple?

The only thing "simple" here is Matyszczyk.