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Windows XP

You were discussing what versions of Windows are still used these days in big numbers. Pretty much all of Cornell University here is STILL on XP. Thankfully I'm on a Mac due to my Design job (not many employees are allowed Macs here). The majority of all administrative support people, non-design departments are on PC's, rare for a Mac to be seen unless you are a professor, high admin, or VP and demand one. My sister works here in administration and begged for a Mac telling the IT's she could do her job at least twice as fast, but nope. Nothing like choosing to stay stuck in an OS built 12 years ago. But this is common in Windows Land—using old XP running old outdated University wide software, and often requiring old, outdated, insecure, versions of Web browsers to run.

XP was released Oct. 2001. Think about it, how many Mac users are still on OSX Puma released a month earlier than XP? How many people even REMEMBER Puma? (Hint for newbies: March 2001-Cheeta, Sept. 2001-Puma, 2002 Jaguar, 2003-Panther, 2005, Tiger, 2007-Leopard, 2009-Snow Leopard, 2011-Lion, 2012-Mountain Lion).

How many Mac users are still on Puma?. I'm bettin' ZERO.

And commenting on your other topic: I was always told it was the "Spinning Beach Ball of Death!" ; )

On the candy question: Pixie Stix

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