Interview with Ensley Eikenburg of Frommer's Travel Guides

Frommer's is an acknowledged expert in the field of travel guides. They are now taking their expertise and creating stunning "Day by Day" guides for the iPad and iPhone that will be essentials for travelers at every level.

We had a wonderful chat with Ensley Eikenburg, Associate Publisher, Frommer's Travel Guides, about the guides, what you'll find in them and how you can get the most out of your travel experience.

Click here to listen to the interview.

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As always, we hope you enjoy it and let us know what you think!

I doubt that this will

I doubt that this will concern you, but I thought I would send a courtesy note. I've enjoyed listening to your podcast, and appreciate the time and effort that you put into it. I have now, however, deleted it from my podcast downloads. When your co-host said that the South should be wiped off the map, or at least not allowed to vote, that was too much for me. I hadn't planned on sending any explanation, since you wouldn't miss one listener, but I thought that would be ungracious after all the enjoyment I've had from you and your show. Also, there may have been others with the same reaction who wouldn't bother to leave a note.

I can imagine that you will have some fun at my expense, but I still felt that I owed you an explanation.

Good luck with your endeavors.

Actually, it does concern me

Actually, it does concern me and I appreciate you taking the time to let us know of your explanation.
Shawn King
Host/Executive Producer
Your Mac Life


Little bit thin-skinned there, Anonymous?

What Bill said was satirical rhetoric that illustrated his feelings. I'm fairly certain he was not advocating mass genocide or disenfranchisement, but simply employing hyperbole to express a personal opinion, something I've heard at least a few southerners do, too. But taking what Bill said literally is a choice you made.

And whether "there may have been others" is irrelevant to your argument, regardless of your affiliation.

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