Subscriptions to Your Mac Life

As mentioned on the Leap Day Edition of YML, we no longer have any advertisers on YML. That has nothing to do with Your Mac Life itself and everything to do with the fact that I suck at trying to sell advertising. It's just not a skill set I possess.

But, because Your Mac Life *is* my job/livelihood, I need to find a way for it to make money.

So, like a lot of other web sites, I've decided to go to a full Subscription Model. For the time being, the show remains free for all to listen - either live on Wednesday evenings or to the archives available on the web site or the iTunes Store. At some point in the future, "additional content" may be created specifically and only for subscribers but the show itself will likely always remain free to listen.

On the left hand side, you can see the buttons for subscriptions and donations. Subscriptions are automatic and can be for $2, $5, $10 and $15 per month (if you have an amount not mentioned you'd like me to include, just let me know). These amounts are withdrawn from your credit card or PayPal account each month until you stop the subscription. It's a "Fire and Forget" method of subscription. :)

There is also the "Donate" button you can use to send a one off amount of your choosing. It can be for a specific thing (we've had several pizzas and beers bought for the show hosts!) or it can be "just because". Any and all donations are appreciated.

I hope you find Your Mac Life entertaining. I hope we make you laugh on occasion, think on occasion and react on occasion. And I hope you find some value in what we do and choose to acknowledge that in this fashion. Even if you don't, we hope you'll keep listening!