Olloclip vs. iPro Lens review

There’s no question that the iPro Lens takes better pictures, and its handle gives it a leg up on videos, too. The Olloclip, on the other hand, comes in a much smaller, more convenient package that outshined the iPro when I was on the go. But that doesn’t tell the whole story.

The Olloclip goes for $69, while the iPro Len System will set you back almost three times that, at $199. With that significant price difference in mind, it all comes down to priorities. If you’re looking to get the most out of your iPhone’s camera and don’t mind a bulkier package or steeper price, the iPro’s the way to go. But for casual users who’d like to spice up their phone’s camera without breaking the bank or toting around extra hardware, the Olloclip’s just fine.