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Air Video

Hey, great show, just had a comment about something you said though.

You mentioned Air Video for streaming videos over your network and said something about it not working over the internet, just thought I'd let you know that it does, in fact, work over the internet. My girlfriend and I stream things from our apartment to her iPhone 3GS over 3G and it works surprisingly well, they use Apple's RTSP stuff to make sure it'll work well under (relatively) low bandwidth situations. To be fair, we have 2 megabit upstream at home but it works pretty decently.

They even make it easy to set up in the preferences using a server PIN that you just plug in to the iOS app so you don't have to worry about IP addresses or dynamic DNS. Just make sure you have the port forwarded on your network, or have the server set it up using UPnP/NAT-PMP if your router works that way.

There's more info at this page.

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