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A non-kids game requiring a DVD

I purchased a copy of Sid Meier's Pirates! from Feral Interactive. They didn't have a download version, just a DVD. It's now available from the App Store (it wasn't when I bought it), but the version I have requires the DVD to be in the drive in order to play. So, there's one (non-kids game) example of a game requiring a DVD. For people going forward, they'd be fine with the App Store version, but for those of us who already bought it before, it requires a DVD. That said, I'm fairly certain one could make a disk image of the DVD and mount that, but a) I haven't tried it and b) that adds to the disk space required for the game.

As someone rightly pointed

As someone rightly pointed out to me, another issue of the Mac App Store is installers - you don't have any, do you? What happens when you need to reinstall to a new HD or want to do a clean install of everything?

At least with apps you've downloaded from the devs web site, you often have an installer you can archive offline for later use. With the MAS, you'd have to re-download everything.

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