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Um....this just goes to show what a bad cat mommy I am, cuz the cat posts I have are no where near as fancy schmancy as these. Then again....Mac, Woz and Ti (okay, to be fair, it's just Woz) have my leather couch that they can live on and destroy. *Eye roll*

The Best Cat Furniture Towers

Cat Towers, really?! Really, Sly?!!! why!!!!

aw gosh and dag-nabbit! why, for god's sake, did you have to go and post this! Just what I needed.'s not enough that "Angel", the cat my youngest daughter brought home and left with mom and dad when she moved out, has taken over the was empty bedroom (which was to be my dream walk in closet and cozy sitting area - kissed that dream goodbye) you've given the hubby ideas of what he can do to the rest of the house to spoil his beloved "Lala".

I can see the stairs and ceiling runners around the house already.

Thanks alot Sly!

:-D ~Macbeth

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