Lex Friedman's Affiliatizer for Safari

Lex Friedman's Affiliatizer for Safari rewrites links to Amazon.com so they include the affiliate code of your choice. Note that this extension only rewrites links that don't already contain an affiliate code. Enter up to three codes; the extension will pick one at random on each applicable page view.

As mentioned on Wednesday's show, Dan Neal asked for the YML Amazon Affiliate Code so that he can use it with this Safari extension. It's a great idea and we thank Dan for thinking of it!

The YML Code is "yourmaclife-20". Download Affiliatizer for Safari 1.31 and install it. Then go to the Safari's Preferences -> Extensions and click on the Affiliatizer for Safari extension. You'll see the text fields where you can cut and paste the YML Amazon Affiliate Code.

(Until you enter an affiliate code in Affiliatizer's settings screen, the extension appends an affiliate code for John Gruber, Jason Snell, or Lex Friedman at random on each pageview.)