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Stream not working

Stream is throwing up a 404 FIle not found error.

-- Mark

DOH! Fixed now. -- Shawn

DOH! Fixed now.
Shawn King
Host/Executive Producer
Your Mac Life


Listening to you people is almost as painful as listening to Leo (my time has past) Laport..... He usually gets at least 6 facts wrong, I only heard two on your show this week.

The current generation Apple BT Keyboard has 2 batteries.... its a shame this information is so difficult to find.... http://www.apple.com/keyboard/ "The Apple Wireless Keyboard now requires just two AA batteries — one less than the previous model. "

Some numb-nuts said that in order to use startup keys or mouse input to remove a stuck CD you must have a USB mouse or KB, this is not correct..... http://support.apple.com/kb/TS3273, You need to wait until after the POST chime is heard and then any Apple Branded KB or Mouse on an Intel mac will work fine for startup commands.


You guys were talking about istat as an app to monitor your computer's temp, cpu usage and such.

There is an istat app. You can run the istat server app on your computers and then check their stats remotely. When out and about I can check the status of both my computer and my wife's.

Very cool.

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