YML Postponed for 24 hours...

Our audio genius, Bill Reynolds, can't make Wednesday's Your Mac Life so we're have to push it back 24 hours to the same time on Thursday.

Sly said...

YML came to a screeching halt because Sly said she wanted to watch Big Brother. But the exciting part of Big Brother will happen Thursday at 8! (EDT) You should have let the show go on. Sly could have caught up with Big Brother easily by Thursday. :-)

Just my luck...the first

Just my luck...the first Wednesday in YEARS when my butt is parked in front of my computer and I can listen to YML...(sigh)...but alas...no. For what now have I to live?...(double sigh)....

Today's show? :-) Our

Today's show? :-)

Our apologies for the inconvenience. :-(

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