iPad Camera Connection Kit works Simply and Well

We knew the iPad would be a somewhat different device at its launch party in January when Apple said that it would both allow keyboard entry and import photos from cameras and SD cards. So much for being a consumption-only device. The iPad allowed Bluetooth keyboard use when it shipped, and the iPad Keyboard Dock appeared several days after.

The iPad Camera Connection Kit, however, didn't wind up in people's possession until today. The $29 kit comprises two separate parts, both of which plug into the iPad dock connector: a USB adapter and an SD card reader.

The Camera Connection Kit seems to work well and as expected. Apple needs to update its online documentation quickly, and better explain how to automatic iPhoto syncing via iTunes. For $29, the kit is quite a deal.

The Camera Connection Kit does more than photos

I'm expecting my 3G iPad to arrive on Friday. I already have the iPad Camera Connection Kit in hand and will be testing it out with my Blue Microphone Yeti USB mic. It seems there are a variety of USB devices that will work with the iPad via the Camera Connection Kit. Looks like the iPad will make a great mobile recording device in addition to all the other cool stuff it does.

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