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Archives for April 14th, 2010

Apple and "Pad" word

Apple doesn't have "complete control" over the customer.

Target and WalMart and other retailers do the same thing with product names they place in their stores. This has been a part of retailing for ages and ages.

Nobody is required to sell items they don't wish to sell with names they find either damaging to them or their customer base.

Come on, be realistic and open your eyes.

Richard Prince

Apple Secrets

Apple is very different than Microsoft or Adobe. The entire premise of Apple is new product invention and innovation. Microsoft is a marketing company - they are not (by their own definition) not on the cutting (or bleeding edge) of innovation. Microsoft likes running in the wind behind the leaders. Throughout the last 30 years, Apple's new products and design have been imitated and re-engineered all across the industry and they have GOOD and VALUABLE reasons for not telling everyone what their products are before release. It is a condition of the industry and if courts had ruled otherwise fifteen and twenty years ago to protect the UI and other aspects of Apple's new product innovation, the entire industry might be different. But Apple, Steve Jobs and Jonathan Ive, etc. can't go around revealing all of the design and product specifications and the features they have in development. You all try to make it sound sinister and conspiratorial but... really, get realistic.

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