Apple should Pull the Plug on the iPhone

From Marketwatch

The hype over the unreleased iPhone has actually increased over the past month despite the fact that nobody has seen or used the device.

(Shawn's Comment: Amazing. First sentence and he's already dead wrong)

First the MP3 player business was segmented and unfocused with numerous players making a lot of cheap junk and not doing much to market any of it. Apple does what? Advertise. Gosh, what a concept.

(Shawn's Comment: If all Apple had done was 'advertise" the iPod, it would not have been the huge success it is. Dvorak slamming the iPhone simply proves that it will be a huge success. Dvorak has proven time and again he doesn't understand Apple and, any time he talks about them, he's 100% wrong)

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Don't Feed The Dvorak

Please think before you click on the link to Dvorak's article. He's known for getting Mac users all riled up to get hits on his articles, here's the link to a video of Dvorak explaining his formula:

Dvorak wants the naming rights back


I guess Dvorak is upset that he lost the naming rights on "Enderle of the week" and he's doing his best to get the title back. :)

Bob C

This Guy Just Makes Me Mad

I can't help swearing when I see what this guy spouts.

He's done it again!

Some people, over and over again, prove themselves to be pure d***heads. This guy is definitely one of those people. ...Frankly, I think he's totally irrelevant as a tech observer / columnist. Why he's still working in the tech news business is a mystery to me.

I used to hate him.

Now I just laugh at him. I just can't believe there is a picture of him on the YML website though. If you get mad inside at him, he has done his job, that's what he does. Now take a big deep breath, Feel better now?

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