Sly's Website of the Week - March 28, 2007

Not that the Got Milk ad campaign needs any extra publicity, but I thought this was a very cool interactive site “board game”.

Get the Glass!

To Begin the game, roll the dice by clicking and holding on the dice.

From the site:
"Your Mission is to help the milk-deprvied Adachi Family navigate/survive all 5 regions of the Board, break into Fort Fridge and get the glass. Be careful! For Fridge Security is hot on your tail. If they catch up, they’re more than happy to ship you and the Adachi’s off to Milkatraz. Three trips to Milkatraz and your game is over, as is the quest for the glass. "

My suggestion, definitely pay attention to the instructions, especially for the challenges. (Better for those with high speed internet.)

Hope you enjoy!