Newlaunches lists 10 Apple flops... but wait, maybe it's just one

From MacMerc

A recent post to entitled Top 10 Apple products which flopped gives the run down on some products Apple might like to forget. Also important to note is that the Motorola ROKR is not an Apple flop, it's a Motorola flop--Apple merely licensed iTunes to Motorola for use on the ROKR.

(Shawn's Comment: But Apple was responsible for the look and feel of iTunes on the ROKR. They knew it was going to suck but they still allowed Moto to release it)

Once you eliminate the products that were produced by a very different Apple...

(Shawn's Comment: And why would you do that? The list isn't "Top 10 Apple Flops not developed by Steve Jobs". Some folks seem to think it's bad to point out Apple's flaws and flops. But it shows what Apple tries to do and shows that, 9 times out of 10, they get it right)

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