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I thought I'd start out 2010 with a bang! :-)

"A Dutch Masters-worthy still life setup goes incredibly awry in this short film directed by Humble collective Hydra. The film is a mashup of Middle Age alchemical beliefs that "Little Humans," or Homunculi, could spring from dead matter, and of Carl Jung's use of the concept to personify pure id.

To create the film, Hydra created a real-life spread of pheasant, fish, fruits and cheese, which were placed in a plexiglass box and shot for 11 days until they reached rotting stage. The footage was then combined with the Homunculi characters, modeled in Maya. The piece took over four months to create, but perhaps one of the most daunting part of the job was the cleanup."

Still Life Gone Awry

(Be sure to check out the "Behind the Clean Up" video afterwards too....good thing we can't smell things over the intarweb!)

*Disclaimer: Some images may be disturbing to those with delicate at your own discretion. The Clean Up video contains foul language....but come on, use your imagination as to why! LOL

Oh, you have outdone yourself this time!

When it comes to weird, wacky, or disturbing, the submissions are always interesting. But this week's selection is likely to spawn more than a few nightmares and/or losses of appetite.

Bravo on your selection!

Dan in Murfreesboro
"I swear by my Mac, not at it."™

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