Today’s Grammar Lesson: Rob Enderle

It’s generally not worth one’s time to point out that Rob Enderle is wrong about something. Enderle, for those of you who don’t know, is one of those “technology analysts” who gets paid to “consult” on the current trends and future directions of the technology industry. Why anyone would pay for his services is beyond me. Enderle is so frequently wrong about the market, misguided in his predictions, and fallacious in his analysis that I’d need to start a whole new website just to accurately catalogue the various mistakes he’s made and lies he’s told over the years.

Enderle posits that the negative press surrounding the JooJoo is going to badly damage the Apple Tablet’s reception, because Apple’s “secret sauce” is its ability to make us look at products with fresh eyes, and Apple has never released a product so close to the poor debut of a very similar product.

If you can’t see why that analysis is hilariously wrong, I strongly doubt that you and I are friends.