Movie Trailers

I *love* movie trailers. I can and have wasted a great deal of time watching them. But I *hate* when they give so much plot away.

A perfect example are the Spiderman 3 trailers.

The one on the Apple Trailer Page shows the story as we are pretty sure we know it so far. But the one on this page should have a huge "SPOILER ALERT" button on it because it gives away a *crucial* plot point!

Why do movie studios do that? I really get the feeling that there's no reason for me to go to the theater to see the movie now - I'll just wait for it to come out on DVD....

Movie trailers

When the trailers aren't spoiling the film they're advertising, they're misrepresenting the film. A dramatic film where the trailers imply a comedy film for example. And sometimes it looks like trailers are comprised of cut scenes from the film- what's in the trailer isn't anywhere in the actual film.

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