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Showed this to Shawn, his first reaction was “That could not *possibly* be creepier! You need serious, professional psychiatric help!”. Right then and there I knew we had a winner! :-)

Personal Urns

~ Sly

It resembles Shawn! Bald and goatee!

That's probably why Shawn thinks its creepy. Hey everyone! If Shawn passes, all of us can get his head on our table! Now that would be creepy!


Shawn's right! This could not be creepier. But it is in that way where you practically choke on the chortle that you are sure is inappropriate. LOL.

That is sooooo wrong

If I were the deceased, I'd haunt the hell out of whoever chose this sort of thing until they transferred my cremains to a proper receptacle.

"Booooo! Lose the freakin' wig stand! Please let my tortured soul move on!"

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