Leopard not ready for April - "Barely beta, not final or Gold Master"

From Ars Technica

There have been a lot of rumors lately from "unconfirmed" sources about Leopard's expected ship date.

Developers who work closely with Apple have been dying to tell the world how very, very wrong we all are. We have always maintained an air of skepticism regarding the early release speculations, but confirmation of these suspicions have been bombarding us lately. Our sources have told Ars that there is very little chance ("and that would be pushing it") for Leopard to ship in late April—that is, if Apple wants to ship with a halfway stable operating system.

Developers have not even entered into the constant seeding period. "We still have the same seed we got 2 weeks ago," we are told. "I'd say it's barely beta, not Final or Gold Master."

One more tip we got regarding Leopard, is that InputManager plugins are no longer allowed. That's right... no more little hacks from anybody besides Apple. No more Apple menu hacks...The loss of InputManager control will break a lot of shareware and commercial software that currently makes use of that control.

So can we expect a Leopard release in late April, for rizzle? I'm certainly not, and according to our sources, you shouldn't either. "If what we have now is the final build, I am NOT buying Leopard," says one of our sources.

When do they personally theorize Leopard will actually be ready to ship? "June."

(Shawn's Comment: I hear the same thing from folks who have used the developer version of Leopard)

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Leopard delay

josue menjivar

This is in fact nothing but a rumour. The "journalists" are loving this and are frothing at the mouth just to say anything negative about Apple. That is the consequence when you are on top. Some people want to see you stumble or fail. Although, I'm not too fond of a lot of the new gimmicks in OS 10.5, I do believe that it will amaze us all. I know that once again, Apple will prove a lot of the "journalists" wrong. Sure, the OS won't be out next week, but I just don't think Apple would release it in October. Vista is not what makes Apple successful.
Whew... I feel so much better already.

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