Best Buy takes Back Apple TV Exclusive


Best Buy on Thursday retracted its previous claim that it had arranged to get deliveries of the Apple TV device two weeks ahead of every other electronics retailer except Apple's own stores.

Apparently that was a bit of an exaggeration, Best Buy spokesman Jeff Dudash said Thursday. To be clear: Best Buy will still be getting an initial shipment of 3,000 Apple TVs that will be available for purchase beginning Tuesday, March 27, he said, but he wouldn't say whether Best Buy will have the device for any exclusive period of time.

Best Buy is now deferring to Apple on retail shipment strategies for its latest product. Apple spokesman Steve Dowling said he is looking into the matter, so stay tuned.

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And with that not only won't

And with that not only won't they have an exclusive, they'll be at the end of the list for shipments now.

Shawn Levasseur
Rockland ME

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