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HAPPY CANADA DAY from beautiful Vancouver, BC Canada to all of our fellow Canucks out there!

Highly appropriate that it's Canada Day today since this week's Website of the Week is Canadian-themed.

Well that, and it made me literally laugh out loud.

The winning submitter may get slightly confused when they see this since their exact submission isn't the site of the week, but it did lead me to chose this site. (I know it’s convoluted but that’s that way it worked out in my head.) ;-)

Without further adieu, Welcome to Canada!


Canada Day

I still call it Dominion Day, because that just plain sounds cooler.

Belated Happy Canada Day...

From your neighbors in the Great State of Alaska, especially here in the Southeast panhandle, where we are sometimes mistaken for Canadians (cruise ship passengers often forget where they are) and actually don't mind it.

We have porcupines around here that are always trying that stunt...they end up very dead!

Glenn Ramsey
Juneau, AK

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