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Canada Day show

Thanks for the Canada Day show. I'm a long time listener. I have actually been listening to you since the days when you lived in Vancouver. Followed you when you did the show with Jay and then Lesa. Man, I feel like a member of your family.
Glad that you are focusing on the show and making it great once again.
As a long time listener, I want to say sorry about your personal life issues. I have gone through the same issue, and it does seem that you are trying to move on. Every now and then you let it out, and in the case of the shout out to the dudes lawyers.... good on you.

I live in Vancouver, and want to say, that if you ever come up here, I'll buy you a beer. Personally, I think you could use a trip back home.

Take care Shawn, and I'll still be listening even after those lawyers have given up.

josue menjivar

LOL Thanks Josue! -- Shawn

LOL Thanks Josue!
Shawn King
Host/Executive Producer
Your Mac Life

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