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Feeling a little down, a little depressed like nothing's going right in your life?

Well you might just have the "Manic Depression Blues"

(Check out the mullet on the dude......more importantly check out the "dude"*. It might just be someone you recognize - a Mac luminary even.)

~ Sly
*Yes, I do believe that's Chris Breen. :-)

Snow Leopard upgrade

Hi, Shawn. I love your show & I have a question which I hope doesn't sound too stupid. My daughter lives in New York & I live in California. She just purchased the Snow Leopard family pack for her & her fiance's laptops. The family pack is good for up to five computers in a HOUSEHOLD. What would happen if she mailed her Snow Leopard CD's to me. Would I be able to install them in my iMac? Thanks for all your good work.

It will work just fine

It will work just fine BUT...

Legally, you are not allowed to do that. Morally and ethically, well, that's your call. And considering Snow Leopard is only $30, I'd strongly suggest doing The Right Thing and buying it yourself.
Shawn King
Host/Executive Producer
Your Mac Life

Snow Leopard upgrade

I bought it & installed it.

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