Leopard Launching at NAB

From T3

T3’s ear to the ground hears the rumbling of Leopard approaching next month. Eight-core Mac Pros and the final unveiling of Leopard. That’s what’s in store at next month’s NAB event, according to our well-placed source. Our man with his finger on Cupertino’s pulse says Leopard’s tracking for an April release, and is now all but confirmed for the NAB event.

Apple has sent out invitations to the Las Vegas showcase, titled simply "Lights, Camera, Apple,” setting the stage for its next-gen operating system to finally be unveiled.

(Shawn's Comment: First thing - why would I listen to a gadget magazine about when Apple's next OS will ship? And secondly, why is everyone missing the point? NAB is a *professional* show - if anything, Apple will show off *professional* apps. That's what "Lights, Camera, Apple” is all about, you doorknobs)

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I agree with your comments.

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