Elton John Signs entire Back Catalog Exclusively to iTunes

From Ars Technica

...until May.

Elton John announced this morning that his entire back catalogue will be available for download on March 26. "I've wanted my music to be available for digital download worldwide for some time, but I knew that the entire catalog—not just the hits—needed care and attention to be released in this way. Now that it's happening, I'm pleased for the fans' sake," said Elton John in a statement.

This will consist of 30-something albums and 400+ tracks of smooth, Elton-Johnny goodness, starting with his 1969 album Empty Sky. Almost 40 years of his musical career will be online, exclusively through iTunes through April 30. After April 30, John will presumably make his music available via other download services, although he did not specify which ones.

This move by Elton John is exactly what everyone expected The Beatles to do with their entire back catalog, once it comes online.

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