Why Apple TV Will Bomb

From Macworld

Apple has finally begun shipping pre-orders of its Apple TV wireless set-top, according to news reports. The device can stream media stored on your PC to your TV including music, pictures and 720p High-Definition video. The company has set the price at $299, but I'm here to tell you that it will ultimately have trouble giving them away.

So, although the tech-intelligentsia will slobber over Apple TV and call it the Second Coming, Apple TV will fail to reach beyond the cultish Mac audience, probably topping off at about three million homes.

(Shawn's Comment: I love when "experts" make predictions like this - they *always* end up biting them in the posterior. What do you think?)

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Weren't similiar comments and predictions made about another Apple product??? I think it was the iPod! ;-)

A rebuttal from MacUser magazine...

Dan Moren of MacUser posted his rebuttal refuting the reasons why the TV will bomb. You can read it here...




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