Appleinsider seems to think it has some kind of coup in announcing that Apple has sent out invites to their Special Event at NAB in April. They've even posted a pic of the invite you can see here.

But can someone explain why Appleinsider sees fit to stick a giant watermark over the image? It's not like Appleinsider created the image themselves. It's not like several hundred other media outlets haven't also received invites. Hell, you can get invited yourself by applying on Apple's web site. And make note of the image you see there - doesn't it look awfully like the one Appleinsider seems to want to claim for its own?

I think it's so by God they

I think it's so by God they can scoop everybody! And if I use that image on my blog then every one will know by God where it came from! Like it's really that big of a deal if I use it and God forbid I link to them.

It's probably so think

It's probably so think secret will have a little more trouble when it goes to use Appleinsider's report as one of their "sources"

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