MYOB to Focus more Resources on the Mac

From Macworld

MYOB has been a cross-platform accounting software developer for many years. While the majority of the revenue comes from its Windows products, company executives said they will be focusing new resources on the Mac platform.

“This is a turning point for us,” Craig Winkler, MYOB chief executive officer, told Macworld. “We’ve always been committed to the Mac, but now we’re putting even more energy into its development.”

“We are putting specific resources on the Mac and seeing how we can expand our Mac user base and how we can utilize new Mac OS technologies,” said Winkler. “We can actually speed up the way we can adopt new operating system features to the benefit of our clients.”

Currently the company is seeking a new Mac Product Manager that will head up the Mac focused development group. Besides being the company CEO, Winkler said the Mac has been his machine of choice for years.

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