Get Over Your Superstition and Update Your Software

From Aaron Adams

Wow, I’m so sick of this. Everyone who thinks he’s some kind of hot Mac jockey has some BS voodoo ritual he performs before, during, and after system updates, and the especially obsessive-compulsive ones run through a daily regimen of repairing permissions, deleting caches, updating prebindings, and ten other pointless things that make no difference from a day-to-day usage standpoint.

If I were a developer, I’d write a daemon that continuously updated permissions, updated prebindings, and deleted caches every 5 minutes, sell it for $10, and retire next week. If paranoid idiots need to compulsively do these things, I might as well be rich because of it.

Read and remember this: There is no magic formula or ritual you need to follow to install updates. The steps for a clean, successful upgrade are very simple.

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