Apple's Netbook Foray will Flop

Like a moth to a hot trend, Apple (AAPL Quote - Cramer on AAPL - Stock Picks) will fly into the netbook flame and get burned.

The company will unveil a 10-inch touchscreen tablet computer sometime this year, say analysts.

What a DUFUS!

First, I don't know why I would read ANYTHING from Cramer's lapdog Moritz other than to see new lows of ignorance exceeded each day. Shawn hit it... prognosticating the failure of a product that Apple has yet to even HINT at introducting is beyond foolish (therefore it must be criminal - "SHORT those Apple shares!"). Second, any computer maker would be quite ecstatic to have the #1, #3, #4, #5, #14, #26, #50, #66, #68, #74, #77, #83, and (deep breath) #100 top selling notebooks on Amazon (66, 68 and 100 are the MB Air). Of course the fact that the more expensive computers tend to sell in lower volumes, but generate very tidy profits, would never enter the peanut-sized mind of a certain unnamed blidiot (that's blogger-idiot... hey, can I coin that?).

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