Getting Your Music on the iTMS

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If you remember walking into music stores as a kid and thinking how cool it would be to one day see your album sitting on the shelf, the digital age may help your childhood daydream come true. With the help of a company called TuneCore, any musician or band can get their music in the most popular online stores.

TuneCore is the brainchild of Spin Art record label owner Jeff Price. When the industry shifted from physical retail stores to the online world, Price saw the ways of the traditional music label model trying to fit into the digital landscape that just weren’t working in this new environment.

The best part for the artist is that they keep all of the money from the sale—TuneCore does not take any money on the backend. Instead, the company charges one-time fees of 99 cents per song and 99 cents per store for each album and an annual $9.98 charge per album.

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iTMS = iTunes Store?

Hi sorry to be a whanker and all,
But while I agree we all still associate that abbreviation with the service, and it does definitely roll off the tongue better, it's not exactly correct anymore, is it?

Call for alternatives, anyone?

iTMS = iTunes Music Store.

iTMS = iTunes Music Store. What's not correct about it?
Shawn King
Host/Executive Producer
Your Mac Life

iTMS = iTunes Music Store. When?

Um, does that still exist. Last time I checked it was iTunes Store. .... iTMS = pre 2006?

iTMS = iTunes Music Store. When?

You could always think of it as the iTunes *Media* Store if it makes you feel better.


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