Wanna Play Dodgeball?

I'm testing this service out for an idea we have surrounding Macworld Expo.

Watch their demo. If you like what you see, sign up and add "YML @ Macworld Expo" as a friend:

And this is better than Twitter how?

Aside from the big Google logo on the page and the fact that the SMS actually works, how is this better than Twitter? I'm always worried about the balkanization of these social networks. The killer app is going to be the open protocol that finally lets all these social site talk to one another and get adopted by a critical mass of sites.

Jabber is a far better protocol than AIM, YIM, or MSN but until the big guys want to share their pool we are going to be stuck with silos of communities.

I'd love to see a social site system based on something like Jabber/XMPP so that anyone could set up their own twitter and you could subscribe to your friends regardless of whether they were on Twitter, MySpace or Facebook -- instead of having to sign into each site individually.


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