Most Interesting Rumor I’ve Heard Lately

From The Apple Blog

Apparently Leopard is going to be released this year. In fact, Rumor mongers have it nailed down - sometime between like next week and June. So rest easy knowing it’ll be here at some point….

(Shawn's Comment: Considering that's exactly when Apple says they will release Leopard...that's not much of a rumor stretch, is it?)

CrunchGear serves it up hot with the idea that Apple could possibly maybe in a million years license the iPhone OS to other manufacturers. Is this Apple’s style? No way. But I (being not even a fraction of the business mind of Steve Jobs) think the potential could be there for Apple on this one. Who couldn’t benefit from a better operating system on their cell phone?

(Shawn's Comment: Everyone can - which is why Apple will want you to buy the *iPhone*)

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