The Complete Guide to Earphones, Part 1

From iLounge

Twenty years ago, headphones were shrinking, but they were still “headphones,” speakers designed to hang outside of your ears, suspended by a headband. Over the last five years, iPod users have fueled the popularity of “earphones” - headband-less headphones with smaller speakers, like the ones that come with every iPod - and a sub-category of “canalphones,” which fit partially inside your ear canals.

Today, earphones are a big and important business.

iLounge’s editors have been keeping up with all of these developments, testing tons of new earphones, and publishing our per-earphone findings in reviews. We’re excited to welcome you to our brand-new Complete Guide to Earphones. Part 1 is designed to acquaint you with all of your options; parts 2 through 4 will help you choose the right pair for your personal needs.

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